How Sussman/ Weinberg proposals are evaluated by SNRE and additional information for those applying for Sussman/Weinberg funding

SNRE evaluates internship funding applications based on the following criteria:

  • Internships should not be related to a student's master's project, thesis, practicum, dissertation research.
    • Sussman and Weinberg internship funding is intended to provide students with the opportunity to pursue experiential internships to gain important skill sets that are needed for a student to succeed in their field.
    • The internship funding is not intended to fund a thesis, project or practicum, or dissertation.
    • Students seeking funding for opus or dissertation research should apply for the appropriate funding source. To view these resources, please check our student funding forms website:
  • Some students wish to complete an internship that is with the same employer that they are working with for their master's project, thesis, etc. However, preference is given to internships that take place with a different host organization (shows professional growth in terms of diversification of employment). The only exception to this would be if the student makes a strong case that it is his/her lifelong goal to work for this particular organization.
  • Preference will be given to students who have never had a professional experience in their field of study.
  • Students must have a proposed internship that is relevant to the student's professional development and have a hosting organization with a staff member that is willing to supervise the student intern. Each application will be evaluated based on the skill sets that will be learned or improved upon during the internship experience and how these skills will assist the student in securing and succeeding in their future career endeavors.
  • Preference is given to internship applications that are not related to previous employment or internships.Applicants demonstrate personal and professional growth when working with diverse employers.
  • Internships that take place on-site with the host organization are given preference over those that take place in a remote location away from organizational professionals.
  • GPA is considered. Any internship proposal from a student with a GPA below 3.0 will not be considered.
  • Students need to intern for at least 280 hours (example: 8 weeks at 35 hours per week).
  • Students must intern during the spring or summer semester.
  • Internship proposals cannot be used to reimburse a previous internship.
  • The proposed internship should not be related or combined with any other structured program experience.
  • Internship opportunities should be unpaid or otherwise unfunded. Internships that provide supplemental funding (for example: in-kind contributions such as lodging, software/equipment, conference fees, etc.) may be considered.
  • Detailed proposals are given preference over less-detailed proposals.Ideal proposals include 1-3 specific examples of projects the intern will complete during their internship.Reviewers will also consider the level of proofreading that went into a proposal.
  • The amount of difficulty of the internship will also be taken into consideration. Internships that involve many administrative tasks (coping, answering phones, etc.) or an internship where an intern will perform lower level tasks will not be a high priority in the eyes of the internship application reviewers.
  • Credibility of the host organization will be considered especially for Sussman proposals.Is the organization well-known and respected? If not, has the student provided sufficient background information on their host organization? Will the organization continue to exist in the next year?
  • Preferred applications will be with employers who have yet to host a Sussman or Weinberg intern.
  • Organizations will be limited to funding for one intern per year. In the case of multiple internship funding applications for the same organization, SNRE will select a maximum of one applicant per organization.
  • No changes can be made to the application after the application deadline. Students are limited to one application per internship funding opportunity.

These are some of the criteria that the reviewers use to rate internship proposals. Please check each specific website (Sussman or Weinberg) for other requirements/eligibility.

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