School of Natural Resources and Environment

Weinberg Internship Reports

Title Desc.
Alliance for the Great Lakes

Anna Ruszaj interned with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, spending seven weeks with this advocacy NGO based in Chicago, IL.

Cafe Direct Producers' Foundation

Bo Williams researched carbon finance opportunities for climate change adaptation projects on tea cooperatives in Kenya and Uganda. He learned the processes necessary for developing carbon assets, how to communicate with stakeholders to best organize research, and how to prepare readable reports. Personally, Bo states that he learned that environmental improvement must be sought and accomplished in a way that is most beneficial to human well-being.

Centro de Politicas Públicas UC

The internship consisted in leading a study which analyzed recycling programs carried out at different municipalities of Santiago, Chile.

Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens

Ning served as a teaching assistant during the 6th Academy of Conservation Training in Nanjing.

City of Detroit City Council President

In this internship, Joel Heeres completed a number of activities. He helped analyze potential strategies and wrote portions of the City of Detroit's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant applications. He also coordinated the logistics of various subcommittee meetings of the Green Task Force of Detroit City Council. He attended numerous meetings as a representative of the office, both participating and at time presenting about the activities of the office to fellow government employees, private citizens, and representatives of private companies.

City of Seattle - City Green Building

Jen worked in the City of Seattle's City Green Building program under the Department of Planning and Development to begin evaluating the success of Priority Green Expedited, an accelerated permitting process to incentivize and increase the number of sustainable buildings in the city.

City of Ypsilanti

This internship dealt mainly with managing an urban forestry grant that the City of Ypsilanti previously received. 

Department of Energy and Environment

Ecocity Builders

Christian Runge did community design work for Ecocity Builders and the Village Bottoms Community Development Corportation.  He learned a lot of technical and design skills, and a lot about politics and race issues related to urban land development.

Five Valleys Land Trust

In the Summer of 2009 Nick Deyo worked for Five Valleys Land Trust (FVLT) in Missoula, MT, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of opens space, working agricultural lands, and wildlife habitat on private lands in Western Montana. 

Food System Economic Partnership

Jennifer Young interned with the Food System Economic Partnership.

Grand Rapids City Hall

Green Seal

Ye Yue worked remotely to help develop GS-45 standards on single-use plastic resin film bags, conducted LCA comparing conventional and environmentally preferable products.

Huron River Watershed Council

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality