Stinchfield Woods

Stinchfield Woods is a field research area for demonstration of forest management and sustainable ecosystem management for the faculty and students of the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment, and other units of the University of Michigan.

History of the Woods

The original tract of Stinchfield Woods was acquired in two parcels totaling 320 acres in 1925. The property was expanded somewhat since the original purchase in 1946-1949 and 1955-1956 (to bring the total to 777 acres). The property was acquired with funds deeded to the University of Michigan in memory of the Stinchfield brothers, Jacob and Charles, from the Detroit area. It is perhaps fitting that this reforested woodland is named after them, as they are descendants of the lumbermen that harvested northern Michigan's giant white pine in the 1800's.

Use of the Woods

Public use of Stinchfield Woods is encouraged. Rules for public access include:

  • No parking in front of the access gate.
  • Public use hours are from dawn to dusk only.
  • No vehicles or bicycles are permitted on the site except those for approved research and teaching use.
  • Dogs with owners are welcome to visit, but they must be on a leash (the dog, not necessarily the owner).
  • No cutting or collecting of plant material; no hunting or harming vertebrates.

Class/Research use by permission of the SNRE Facility Manager.  For more information email

Map and Directions

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