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SNRE’s Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program is now underway!  Each summer, the program brings 20 undergraduates from environmental studies or a related field to SNRE for an eight-week summer internship program.

This is the program’s first year at SNRE. They have welcomed participants from 17 colleges and universities around the country to work in labs alongside SNRE faculty, research scientists, and doctoral students.

Six innovative student groups from SNRE were featured in a new publication, Made at Michigan, created by Innovate Blue. Made at Michigan is U-M’s first annual report of student innovation and entrepreneurship campus-wide. The magazine-style publication highlights more than 80 student ventures over a broad variety of disciplines, including for-profits, nonprofits, and innovative products and services with market potential.  

Professors Steve Yaffee and Julia Wondolleck have just launched a new web-based teaching tool to help people understand facilitation strategies and collaborative decision making.  The new website follows in SNRE's strong tradition of work in conflict management and collaborative problem solving, while using new technology that enables engaged learning.  According to Yaffee, "We built this site to provide users with a stepwise guide for facilitating a complicated public

Rocky Rohwedder, MS ’79, began his journey with a single, central question: “Are there highly successful examples of communities lifting themselves out of poverty, while simultaneously lowering their ecological footprint?” Based on decades of exploration, he has found the answer to be a resounding yes. Illuminating that link for others prompted Rocky to write Ecological Handprints, an interactive eBook focused on proven grass-roots remedies that both ameliorate poverty and restore ecological resilience.

EJOLT research team members

By Liz Kalaugher, environmentalresearchweb

The environmental justice arena has seen much change since it emerged from the civil rights movement. Now, a survey of 31 key players has revealed some of the challenges as the field has transitioned from local efforts to national and global remits, and more sophisticated strategies.