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Winter 2005 Cohort

Master's Projects emerged from an awareness that most work being done in natural resource and environmental fields involves integrative, team-based problem solving. Preparing students to work in such settings is a goal of the Master's Project. In addition, the format helps to concentrate the efforts of both faculty and students to promote timely completion of research.

The Master's Project is a team-based research project in which students work with a faculty advisor to analyze and propose solutions to a current environmental problem. Each project requires both individual and team analysis and reporting. Projects provide an integrative team-focused setting that matches the experinece in environmental careers. The result is a jointly authored document about a current environmental issue.

Another version of a project is an integrative research seminar . This seminar produces a jointly authored document, equivalent to a Master's Project final report. It is based more on an examination of the research literature and current thought than on a single current problem. An integrative seminar may be initiated by faculty or established by students.

This course, the Master's Project Planning Seminar (NRE 701-888), helps students select from among several topics, organize and manage a research team, develop a proposal, identify an advisor and discuss issues related to working with an external client.

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