David J. Jude Ph.D.

Research Scientist Emeritus

PhD Limnology , 1973, Michigan State University

MS Fishery Biology, 1968, Iowa State University

BS Fisheries and Wildlife management, 1966, University of Minnesota

I conduct research on the Great Lakes and connecting tributaries including: work with yellow perch larvae in Lake Michigan, work with a remotely operated vehicle on offshore reefs in Lake Michigan to collect evidence of lake trout reproduction, work with exotic species, especially round and tubenose gobies and zebra/quagga mussels, and work with toxic substances, burbot, deepwater sculpin, and larval fish distribution in the Muskegon River. In the past I taught a class at the university entitled: Great Lakes Aquatic Field Methods in May most years and one termed Great Lakes Aquatic Ecosystems.


G524 Dana Building


Great Lakes Fishery Laboratory G573 Dana Building