Robyn C. Meeks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Harvard University, Ph.D. in Public Policy, 2012

Research fields: Environmental economics, development economics

Yale University, Masters in Environmental Management, 2005

Brown University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, 2000

Personal website 

Prof. Meeks teaches within the Environmental Policy and Planning field of study in SNRE and the Program in the Environment (PitE).  Her research fields include environmental and development economics and policy.  Currently, much of her work focuses on understanding individual and household responses to various environmental technologies, policies, and types of infrastructure in developing countries.  Prof. Meeks has implemented field research in many countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Kenya, and Peru.  Her research has been funded through organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the Fulbright Program.


Research interests:

Environmental and natural resource economics and policy; development economics and policy


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