Public Policy, Green Jobs and the Green Economy. Jan. 31, 2012 Green Experts Academy San Diego, CA


Green Experts Academy San Diego: Public Policy, Green Jobs and the Green Economy. Jan. 31, 2012
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PT)
San Diego, United States
Green Experts Academy San Diego: Public Policy, Green Jobs...
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Green Experts Academy: Green Policy, Green Jobs...Jan 31, 2012         
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Green Experts Academy San Diego, 2012

Green Experts Academy San Diego: Public Policy, Green Jobs and the Green Economy. Tuesday, January 31, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PT), San Diego, CA. $20 + $2.09 Eventbrite fee, in advance.  $25 at the door. Free appetizers, parking and proceedings. Registration/Agenda  Featuring Green careers and economy briefings, power networking, Green public policy 2012 updates from top leaders, and real time policy impact and input.  Join us, grow and Green your career, your awareness, business, organization, the community, and mitigate climate change on the planet.  Location:   Venue Sponsor, Cricket Communications, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters), 5887 Copley Drive, Training Room, 1st Floor, San Diego, 92111 

 About The Event

The Green Economy is very integrated with public policy, and in many areas, is policy-driven.  Our stellar experts will give you breaking information about this arena, as we move into the election year and beyond. Gather timely information and valuable contacts as we grow our Green economy, together.  The time to get engaged is now, as destructive and disruptive climate change is moving at an ever faster pace.   Please join us.  Thank you.

Discover, Engage and Transform!

- Kathleen Connell and The Green Experts Academy, San Diego Team

 Thanks to our generous Venue Sponsor, Cricket Communications, and The Cricket Green Team. The event is being held in the new Cricket LEED-certified Headquarters. 


          5:30-6:00pm:   Sign In, Networking, Appetizers


           Part I í¢â‚¬“ Green Public Policy, Green Jobs and Economy Briefings from State, Local & Federal Leaders:

           Federal:  Speaker To Be Announced! Coming soon!

       Lori Saldana

   State:  Honorable Lori Saldana, Former representative, California State Assembly District 76, College Professor, Water Quality Expert.

Lori's accomplishments in sustainability include:

Lori co-authored California's Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) to reduce  CO2 emissions. Her Million solar roofs initiative put thousands to work while improving the environment. She also authored AB 1103, creating thousands of jobs doing building retrofits for energy efficiency.

Topic:  "Perspectives on San Diego's Green Policy, Green Jobs and The Economy:  Lessons Learned In The State Assembly & Policy Prospects in Washington D.C. in 2012 and Beyond"

Lane Sharman

o   Local:   Lane Sharman, Founder, Biozoil International & Managing Partner, Solana Energy. Sharman founded Solana Energy to negotiate the development of solar farms throughout the Southwest and in 2009 Solar Energy became a local equity partner of the Solarpack Development Corporation headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

The electrical energy harnessed and generated by photovoltaic panels on the solar farms is sold to public utility companies and incorporated into the electrical grid. The farms are typically located on former agricultural lands of at least 40 acres, but unlike fields devoted to agriculture, solar farms require no water and are emission free.

Sharman currently has 150 megawatts worth of solar farms in various stages of development in California.

As a serial, social, renewable energy entrepreneur, Lane Sharman and his team believe that the proposed solar rate fee and other factors call for a new, innovative entity to aggregate, distribute and manage regional energy in San Diego.  Is this disruptive innovation that will change the energy playing field?  Hear Lane discuss his latest innovative concept, which is creating waves in the San Diego Green energy sector.

Topic: "Is There a Business Case for a New "San Diego Energy District"?  What are the Green Jobs and Economy Implications of this Proposal?"


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Part II í¢â‚¬“ "10 Winning Green Public Policy Strategies & Tactics" Kathleen Connell, Principal, Connell Whittaker Group LLC, Sustainability expert,  Social Entrepreneur, former NASA Public Policy & Program executive/congressional advisor, former Policy Director, Aerospace States Association (Governors and Lt. Governors' group), Founder, Green Experts Academy.

     Whether from the community or in the the highest reaches of NASA and  government, Kathleen has pursued and executed many successful policy-related initatives during her career. Kathleen is a public policy, strategy, business development, strategic communications & advocacy consultant and educator, in both the sustainability and space/aerospace industries, and a Principal of The Connell Whittaker Group, LLC.  She is known for being a thought-leader and innovator throughout her career with NASA and other government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.  Her pioneering work in many cutting-edge research- and technology-based organizations has resulted in groundbreaking new programs and billions of dollars of revenue, economic development, grants, financing and benefits to society.

Her deep and long-standing expertise in sustainability includes advanced ecological closed-loop life support systems, earth sciences, multi-disciplinary science and policy, remote sensing, bio-info-nano, renewable energy, agriculture, livable communities, model research parks, virtual organizations, information societies and systems.  She will share lessons learned from the trenches of policy advocacy and strategy.    

      Part III í¢â‚¬“ Public Policy Brainstorming Session.    Discussion and brain storm on what you would like to see implemented in San Diego.  Producers have made special arrangements with the Mayorí¢â‚¬â„¢s Office staff to review the best ideas presented.       


Refund policy: Due to event costs and very low ticket prices for a high-quality event, we cannot offer refunds.  However, we will send you any presentation materials made available to attendees. Thank you for your support of the Green Experts Academy.  Questions?  Contact us at the "contact the host" link on the Eventbrite Green Experts Academy event page for this event.  Thank you.

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